Quinten Jacobs



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A problem we can all relate to, Scarecity of Silence. For this project I wrote the script & did all camera work, editing & color grading.


Commercial photography for Coco Clean

Commercial video for Acton Global 

Mixed images from some paid gigs and some free work that I am passionate about and love doing.

Videoclip for Sotos Bakas - Color grading by Serhan Meewisse

Aftermovie for The Spot Zandvoort

Real estate photography in paradise for Awera Resort

 Cinematic wedding movie for Mitchell <3 Jessica

Photographed the most beautiful day for Marvin <3 Stephanie 

I can also make professional timelapses that will spice up any video project. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

This is basicly a hobby within a hobby that got out of hand. From a basic landscape photo I went to 180ยบ panoramas from our milkyway galaxy or other beautiful sceneries.

This is a mix of free work & assignments I have worked on.  

Huge panorama's! If you see these photo's in full resolution you can see ants walking in the grass!!! This can be printed meters by meters by meters big. 


my dream | my reality